Centre of Expertise on mathematics education (age 4 – 18 years)

The Centre of expertise on mathematics education (ExpRW) focuses on the quality of mathematics education in the Netherlands. The Centre supports the education field in implementing new developments in mathematics education around basic skills, core objectives and curriculum innovations. This is done in four focus areas.

Four focus areas

1Knowledge brokerage
The centre of expertise on mathematics education has a brokerage function in linking requests for advice and knowledge from the education field on mathematics education to available expertise in the country.
2National research infrastructure
This involves updating, designing and initiating a national infrastructure for didactical research on mathematics education and mathematical literacy, including the development of a research agenda
3Educating the educators
This concerns the (further) development and implementation of expertise promotion of educators, refresher teachers and other direct stakeholders (e.g. inspection, test developers) on basic mathematics education skills and other curriculum developments.
4Design research
Design research concerns a process of designing and testing learning activities in and with practice. It is the method of choice to concretise the intended innovations on a small scale and translate them into educational practice. This work package concerns the design of mathematics education in co-creation by teachers, researchers and method authors